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Drone Tracking

ANRA Technologies, a leader in integrated airspace, mission management and delivery systems for uncrewed aircraft, along with ideaForge and Asteria Aerospace, achieved a new milestone for tracking drones in India’s national airspace. The demonstrations showcased a software plugin as well as a small strap on hardware module that highlighted the flexibility of the solution. Equipped with these capabilities, participating drones wirelessly connected to ANRA’s SMARTWAYZ Tracker Platform, enabled authorised users to view and track simultaneous drone operations in National Capital Region and Bangalore. ideaForge, Asteria and ANRA each flew drones that were tracked in real-time with their locations displayed on the SMARTWAYZ Tracker app. Drone operators were able to turn the tracking option on or off and only authorised users were able to view the tracking information.

“Today, we advanced the drone industry for India by demonstrating with our partners a solution that addresses key operational concerns for the government of India,” stated Amit Ganjoo, founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies. “Our SMARTWAYZ Tracker platform is network-based so authorised users anywhere in India can view live flight tracking of drones.”  

Small drones are difficult to track using traditional methods such as radar and not every drone is connected using a solution that transmits its telemetry to a network that is subsequently shared. Using a software plugin at the drone’s control station or strap-on hardware that electronically shares the drone’s position and other associated details at regular intervals offers a new option and today’s demonstration successfully proved this capability in two different cities.




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